Ydych chi'n cefnogi annibyniaeth i Gymru?

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The question of Welsh independence has been a topic of debate for many years.

Supporters of independence for Wales argue that Wales has a unique culture, language and history that sets it apart from the rest of the United Kingdom. They believe that independence for Wales would ensure greater freedom and control over important policy areas, such as the economy, education, and healthcare. They use examples such as the Republic of Ireland and Croatia which are economically and politically successful small countries.

On the other hand, opponents argue that Wales benefits from remaining part of the United Kingdom which enables it to have access to a larger market, together with security and protection. They also argue that Wales has a stronger voice in international affairs by being part of the United Kingdom.

They also highlight the potential economic challenges that could arise from separation from the UK, such as financial issues, currency and trade barriers.

What do you think?

The survey is now closed.

Ydych chi'n cefnogi annibyniaeth i Gymru?
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