Cyfle i ennill gwerth chwe mis o goffi cwmni Ffa Da

This is a great opportunity to win six months worth of coffee from the Ffa Da coffee company

The Ffa Da coffee company, based in Llandanwg, Harlech, specializes in hand-roasted arabica coffee.

Each of their coffees offers a unique flavour, taste and mouthfeel. There is nothing quite like the taste of freshly roasted coffee. They only use Arabica coffee beans and roast in small batches to ensure freshness.

They believe in producing the best quality arabica coffee beans for their coffee lovers.

FfaDa have a strong eco ethos and they believe this is the way every new business should start their journey. They feel passionate about reusing, reducing and recycling! They are mindful of the environmental impact of production and waste and have carefully considered their packaging when developing Good Beans.

Give it a go. Good luck

If you can't wait until we announce then then why not visit their website using the link above.

Are you involved in the marketing of a business or organisation and would perhaps be interested in collaborating with us? If so, contact us on 02922 525301 for a chat.

Winner: Rwth Hughes - Powys



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